DIXON’s USB condenser microphone allows you to capture intricate audio with expert precision due to its incredibly sensitive design. Ideally suited for recording acoustic instruments and subtle vocals, the microphone gives you the ability to deliver crisp, clean and detailed sound. Its lower frequency response is what sets condenser microphones apart from their dynamic microphone counterparts. The wider frequency response is what gives condenser microphones the ability to reproduce the quality of various acoustic instruments. Whether it be for your studio or at home recordings, the condenser microphone gives you professional sound on the go. This allows them to be versatile in a variety of audio scenarios. Utilising a reliable cardioid pattern this microphone utilises a heart-shaped recording area in front of the microphone. This focused directionality makes it a great choice for on stage vocal performances as it doesn’t pick up any audio behind it. It also reduces the risk of feedback from various PA’s and amplifiers. Crafted to DIXONS high-standards, the microphone records crisp, clear audio while it offers a durable and weighty feel. This makes it incredibly ergonomic microphone. Included is also a functional tripod stand to give you the perfect recording angle.

DIXON USB Condenser Microphone

SKU: 0005