Precisely engineer the detail and clarity of your recordings with DIXON's RSF01 Microphone Isolation Shield. Unwanted outside audio waves and vibrations, also known as noise and interference, are shielded away from the recording area. The high-density acoustic foam lining effectively diffuses acoustic waves surrounding the microphone and keeps the sound from bouncing back, controlling reflected soundwaves. This allows the microphone to 'breathe' while dampening surrounding noise and limiting echoes and reflections, to create cleaner, more focused audio. Two outer panels can easily be folded inward to create a tighter isolation chamber for detailed audio recording. Its lightweight aluminium frame and foldable design ensure that the isolation shield is portable and easy to transport. The solid 1.5 kg tabletop stand base ensures that the microphone and shield will not move or topple over, so that you can record the best possible sound.

Dixon Foldable & Portable Studio Microphone Isolation Shield

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    • Specifications:
    • • Aluminium noise-reflecting outer shell • High-density acoustic foam inner shell • Screen size: 42 x 31 cm • 1.5 kg solid and sturdy tabletop stand base • 12 cm table stand pole • Two curved folding panels for easy transport